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Ready to Rock!

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Gluten Free Diet

This is where we live now…

I headed to the grocery store today to stock up for the beginning of our new food life. I have been planning for a couple weeks, made my list last night, and was well aware that it might be a long trip. Luckily, I know my local grocery store pretty well (even the healthy food aisles oddly enough!) so it only took 2 hours. $388 later, I was out the door with enough food for a week plus many of the essentials I’d need to substitute in regular recipes (egg replacer, coconut oil, ¬†gluten free flour, buttery spread, etc.). I knew it would be pricey so I wasn’t too surprised. We had NO food in our house after a 2 1/2 week vacation (my husband texted me saying “We have a can of chili and peanut butter”) so we likely would have spent $200-250 anyway. And we won’t be eating out at all (that’s the goal anyway) so that will save us a lot of money.

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Breakfast Cookies with Carob / Chocolate Chips

These were okay warm. But terrible cold.
No one in the family liked them.

So now that we have our food, we’re ready to rock this thing! We’ve already had two fails though. We tried these breakfast cookies and they didn’t have much taste, were kind of a weird consistency, and no one liked them. I was pretty excited about them too – had them on our breakfast menu this week! :/

The other fail was a long shot anyway probably – gluten free toaster pastries. My son is Pop Tart addict. He could eat them for breakfast, snacks, and dessert and, in fact, did up until a week or so ago (we figured it was only fair to ween him off). I gave one to Will tonight for dessert, and he could barely even bite it. So I nuked it for a couple seconds thinking maybe it would soften up when warm. Not so much. It had a very bland taste and there was hardly any filling. I think more filling might have made it acceptable. There are other brands out there so maybe we’ll try again. In the meantime, anyone want a $4.50 box of pop tarts (minus one tart)? :)

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