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Feeding the Masses

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I have found that one of the easiest ways to make our new eating lifestyle work is to cook in bulk. That way there is food to grab when we’re hungry and lazy. The kids have learned to love our gluten free chicken nuggets (bottom left). Even if we’re craving some fast food, we’ll just get french fries and a soda and eat these nuggets at home. I tried some fish sticks (top right), but those weren’t as much of a hit (they LOVE the Ian’s fish sticks, but they are so expensive!). Brandon cooked up some flank steak (top left) to use for easy lunches – a great manly go-to. And who doesn’t love pancakes and sausage? We pop these bad boys in the freezer and fridge respectively and they are quick to heat up in the morning before school.

The moral of the story is BE PREPARED! Whether it’s frying up some delicious meats or washing fruit and chopping veggies, if it’s ready to eat, you’ll be more likely to eat it!


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