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How Are We Feeling?

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questionmarkI’ve been getting this question a lot lately so I figured I’d address it here. It’s been almost 4 weeks since we started our diet and we’ve definitely had positive results!

Me Pre-Diet: I slept with a heating pad 6 nights out of 7. I was in the bathroom 4-6 times every day. I constantly had back pain or stomach pains or both. There were days when I was laid up and had to just lay down for a couple hours before I could walk upright. I had headaches pretty regularly and didn’t sleep well without Advil PM.

Me Now: FANTASTIC. I can’t believe how good I feel on a regular basis. I never really realized how crappy I felt all the time until I didn’t feel that way any more! Yeah, I knew my back/stomach hurt, but I just pushed through it because it was just the way it was. I have used my heating pad maybe 3-4 times in the past month (usually when I sit on the couch to work for hours at a time – that’s just not good for ANYONE’S back!). I have still had some headaches, but not nearly as many. I haven’t taken Advil PM since I went gluten free and I sleep like a rock (when my brain isn’t working overtime for other reasons anyway). I’m amazed at how well I move, how much energy I have, and just how good I feel in general. Yes, I still have days where I’m tired or lethargic, but don’t we all? Bonus: I’ve lost about 9 pounds!

Mac Pre-Diet: Mac would only poop about once a week if that. She was always constipated and would be in and out of the bathroom all day trying to get a poop out. She’d eventually be in the bathroom screaming and crying that she couldn’t get it out, it was too big, etc. We’d have to resort to laxatives or a suppository (poor baby!).

Mac Now: It’s a poop-a-palooza! Even though we can’t get her to show/tell us if she poops, she’s had less skid marks (a sure sign that she wasn’t pooping right before) and hasn’t had any crying instances. So either she hasn’t pooped in 4 weeks or she’s all good. lol

Will Pre-Diet: Will was our biggest challenge. He was diagnosed with ADHD in late 2012. We had him on medication for over a year and during that time, he lost his personality, had major mood swings, and was just all around nasty. The meds did help with his focus, but had such an effect on his “person” that we decided to go another route. Hence the food testing and diet.

Will Now: He has NOT been happy about it. We hear at least 3-4 times a week that gluten free stinks and it’s just not fair that he can’t eat what he wants to eat. HOWEVER, despite being a little cranky about his limited menu, we have definitely seen a difference! Will still gets angry, but he’s much quicker to calm down. At times he’ll even say “sorry” before we’ve even reacted to bad behavior. It’s almost like he reacts negatively out of habit now. His manners have gotten much better even – saying thank you and your welcome without prompts (we’re still working on please). I’ve got my loveable little boy back and I’m so thankful we decided to go this route.

The doctor wants us to continue this diet for a total of 3 months to reduce as much inflammation as possible and then see how we feel. At that point, we might be able to add things back in gradually or as the occasional treat, but we’ll have to see how it effects everyone. As I’ve said before I haven’t really craved much myself. It’s been hardest to tell the kids they can’t have things, but they are getting more and more used to it. I fear festival season though! Who doesn’t love a fried Oreo?!?

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