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Happy Father’s Day B!

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20140615-071311.jpgThis year, more than any other, Brandon is the father of all fathers. Our three nephews from Alabama came to live with us about six weeks ago. Because of a difficult home situation, they all have their issues (but then again, don’t all kids?!). Brandon has taken on the challenge of being a father figure and role model to these boys when no one else would. He has stepped up and chased a toddler, changed diapers (AGAIN), given baths, read countless bedtime stories, changed pee covered sheets in the middle of the night, attached training wheels, and many more of the things we thought we were done with as parents of a 5 and 7 year old.

20140615-071322.jpgHe reminds me time and time again why I in part chose him to be the father of my own children. He is loving, funny, kind, calm, and generous. He is truly my best friend and life partner. People continually tell me I’m an amazing woman for doing what we’re doing, and I’m a great mom. Well I am only half of the team. I couldn’t do it without him.

So Happy Father’s Day Brandon! We love you more than Earth! xoxo



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